Kinefinity Active PL Mount

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PL mounting adapter, the most widely used mounting adapter for cinematography. Based on the second-generation PL adapter mount, Kinefinity redesigned and worked hard to create a new native PL mounting adapter.

The native PL adapter is suitable for MAVO Edge 8K/6K cameras. It is connected to the camera body by screws at the four corners to ensure the stability of the overall structure, while it can also be switched with the KineMOUNT mount, enriching creative diversity.

Solid Native Design, Precise Lens Locking

  1. Four Corner Screws Fixation: With four corner screws fixing the stainless steel flange face, the overall structure is stable and robust. The mounting adapter and the camera body are toughly connected, which is suitable for long-term use of PL lenses.

  2. Precise Lens Limit: New and optimized locking method, precise travel, fixed lens, providing sense of security while shooting.

  3. Interchangeable Mount:  It is convenient to replace the active PL adapter to the KineMOUNT which is compatible with EF/E/LPL mounting adapter and EF/E/LPL lens, enhancing freedom of creation.There is no need to correct the flange distance when re-attaching the PL mounting adapter.

Support Cooke/i Protocol, Offer Creative Freedom

    1. Accurately Record Live Data: Synchronize timecode frame by frame, eliminating the possibility of human error.

    2. Save Time and Cost: Focal length, aperture, and field depth information can be read and stored in the footage in real time.

    3. Post-production Process Simplification: Save the lens metadata of every frame; from the director of photography to special effects artist, can all achieve film making at the fastest speed.

* Some EDGE8K before 2023 is not compatible with Active PL-mount, and need to modify its KineMount for compatibility. Please contact us to learn more detail.