DZOFILM 24mm T2.8 Gnosis Macro Prime Lens (LPL with PL & EF)


CAD$ 7,229.00
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  • Broader perspective, Grander microcosm
With a unique combination of wide-angle and macro capabilities, the Gnosis 24mm macro cine lens provides an 83.8° field of view for FF format and an 88° field of view for VV format to include additional details and show more of the background, giving the impression of greater depth and a more immersive viewing experience that inspires endless creative possibilities.

  • Finest details in the ultimate micro-focus
Its ultra-close focusing distance of 0.155m ensures clarity and precision for even the tiniest details, making it ideal for capturing intricate product details or small creatures in nature. It enables extreme close-up shots of delicate facial expressions, like the flicker of an eyelid or the zooming of a pupil, creating an emotional connection with the audience.

  • Focusing on details, Reframing micro vision
The 24/32/65/90mm lens allows you to get an incredible amount of details and discover the astonishing image of the microcosm at the minimal focusing distance of 15.5-26cm with a 0.8:1/1:1/1.33:1/1.5:1 magnification ratio respectively.

  • Cinematic imaging in great details
From the MFD to INF, Gnosis provides excellent image quality with extreme sharpness from the center of frame right out to the edges. The color rendition is uniformly and naturally clean from in-focus to out-of-focus, presenting a stunning image rich in gradation.

  • For professional filmmaking and tactful collaboration
The industry standard front diameter of 114mm is compatible with matte boxes and other accessories, eliminating the need for repeated adjustments when changing lenses and greatly enhancing shooting efficiency.

  • Reliable and precise mechanics for smooth creation
Precisely control and shift the focus with a 300 degree rotation to get a stable and comfortable performance and perfect your work.

  • All-inclusive meet multiple needs in filmmaking

LPL | PL | EF Mount
These lenses cover wide-angle, standard, and telephoto focal lengths, providing flexible shooting distance and field of view options to meet the demand of macro creation in common focal lengths and adapt to a wider range of subjects.

Gnosis spec