DZOFILM Catta 2-Lens Bundle 35-80/70-135mm T2.9 (E/L/RF/X/Z, Black)


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Mount: E

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About DZOFILM Catta Zoom

Authentic Color Reproduction

Embraced the design philosophy of natural, original and real, Catta Zoom lenses reproduce the real world on that small yet comprehensive sensor. The golden focal lengths of 35-80mm/70-135mm enable cinematographers to create cinematic images without sacrificing time in lens replacing.

Flattering Skin Tone
Comfortable and vivid reproduction of natural skin tone. All comes in just right.

Better Breathing Control Than Ever
Same as it ever was minimal breathing in DZOFILM cine lenses, this time you can find a better performance in Catta. Invisible breathing whether zoom in or out Zoom along the journey, exempt from additional concerns.

Aesthetic Bokeh with Fluid Transition
Rounded Bokeh emerged from 16 bladed Iris, it characterizes exquisite texture and gentle sharpness to realize excellent image quality.

Uniform and Consistent Performance
These two lenses are uniform in both mechanics and optics.

A perfect combo in shooting videos from wide to long focus. Zero distortion signify the multidimensional sense and can be flattering to the subject.

Parfocal Design - Retain Focus While Zooming
The parfocal optical design allows for zoom racking without loss of focus. It has dramatically reduced breathing and image shift.

Plug-In Filter Unlock The Secret
Not only the lens loaded with 77mm detachable front filter to stimulate the unique moment but also the rear plug-in filter adds amusement to the shooting experience. Allowing users to change ND/UV/Streak/Mist filter freely.

Reliable DZOFILM-Built
Lighter, stronger. Catta zoom lenses, provide all you desired. Always can believe in DZOFILM quality. 

DZOFILM Catta Zoom Features

  • Compact, wide focal length T2.9 zoom lens cover full frame sensors
  • Cinematic image quality
  • Lighter, Stronger, Parfocal as ever
  • Round Bokeh with 16 blades iris and Fine Details with close up
  • Better Breathing Control Than Ever
  • Two types of front and rear filters are available
  • Equipped with a quick-released interchangeable mount
  • Standard Mechanics and Aesthetic Design


catta 3-lens spec