Kinefinity MAVO EDGE 6K Body (Cyber Edition)

SKU: A010-002-02

CAD$ 14,499.00
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Capture amazing detail in a variety of resolutions and frame rates to suit all your project needs with the full-frame Cyber Edition MAVO Edge 6K Cinema Camera from Kinefinity. This kin to the MAVO Edge 8K camera offers multiple resolutions, formats, and frame rates ranging from S16 2K up to cinematic full-frame 6K, 3:2 open gate. Widely used codec options for internal recording range from ProRes Proxy up to ProRes 4444 XQ for 6K workflows. Dual native ISOs of 800 and 5120 enable you to shape its 14 stops of dynamic range around either the highlights or lowlights, and its proprietary color science supports KineLOG3, Rec 709, and custom 3D LUTs.

Choose oversampled 3K or 4K settings to preserve the framing and depth of field of a given lens, or digitally crop to boost its magnification. A broad selection of glass is at your disposal thanks to the separately available PL, LPL, active EF, and passive E lens adapters for the MAVO Edge 6K's native KineMOUNT lens mount. This aluminum-body camera's power options include compatibility with V-mount, Sony BP-U, and Sony L-Series batteries.

Sharp, Multiformat 6K Sensor

Use the full 6016 x 3984, 23.97MP sensor for outstanding detail in full-frame 6K 3:2 open gate at rates up to 48 fps, crop to 6K 17:9 to overcrank up to 60 fps, or choose between multiple S16, S35, and full-frame aspect ratios and frame rates. For breathtaking slow motion, S16 2K up to 290 fps offers mesmerizing action, sport, or wildlife imaging.

Impressive Image Quality

The MAVO 6K Edge's in-camera recording of ProRes 4444 XQ enables maximum flexibility in color grading. KineLOG3, its proprietary color science, is primed for applying a custom 3D LUT for attaining a specific aesthetic.

Universal KineMOUNT

The proprietary KineMOUNT is designed to be used with separately available PL, LPL, active EF, and passive E mount adapters. This versatility enables you to take advantage of a wide selection of both cine-style and still photo lenses in PL, LPL, active EF, and passive E mounts.

Dual Native ISO

Dual Native ISOs of 800 and 5120 span the range of daylight exteriors to night exteriors, enabling you to shape your exposure to match an ambient light source using a smaller number of lighting fixtures or none at all.

Electronic ND Filter

The motorized e-ND enables precise control over the exposure without affecting the depth of field or motion smoothness in your footage. Continuous tuning of the density from 0.6 to 2.4 translates to the ability to make detailed reductions in exposure between 2 and 8 stops.

Power Options

The camera body is compatible with numerous power options, including KineBAT, V-mount, and Sony L-Series batteries.

Dual Media Slots

Dual SSD slots for recording to fast NVMe M.2-based KineMAG Nano SSD cards.

XLR Audio Inputs

Capture professional sound using the MAVO Edge 6K's dual XRL audio inputs.


Dual 1.5G-/3G-SDI outputs for monitoring with embedded metadata and audio plus dual proprietary Kinefinity Video ports for KineMon and OLED EVF use.


Connectivity features include timecode input and output, RS-232 and Kinefinity syncing, and a 3-pin Fischer run/stop port. Touchscreen control is available using the Kinefinity app or the separately available Kinefinity app.