Kinefinity MAVO mark2 LF (Active PL-mount)

SKU: A010-003-01-PL

CAD$ 9,249.00
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The MAVO mark2 LF continues to feature the remarkable 6K full frame 3:2 CMOS imaging sensor from the popular MAVO Edge 6K, maintaining high frame rate of up to 75fps at 6K Wide, 150at 4K Wide 150 and amazing dual native ISO 5120/800. Compared to MAVO LF, MAVO mark2 is capable to retain more highlight details, ideal for shooting in complex lighting environments, presenting organic images and cinematic look.

MAVO mark2 adopts the MAVO Edge high-performance computing platform, integrates industry standard ports like independent dual SDI outputs with meta data and encodes stunning images as Apple ProRes4444/XQ footage onto NVMe M.2 2280 SSD. Coming in the lightweight compact camera body with the streamlined workflow, MAVO mark2 S35 and MAVO mark2 LF provide more cinematographers with a professional and efficient filmmaking experience at a more affordable price.

MAVO mark2 offers more comprehensive lens options by introduction of new mount.

  • Native KineMOUNT: The powerful Native KineMOUNT is very convenient for switching mount adapters including EF, PL and LPL adapters without tools, which helps cinematographers to capture every important and ephemeral moment.
In addition to keeping the exclusive KineMOUNT , MAVO mark2 provides two new lens mounts: the Active PL Mount and Active E Mount. Users can install and detach the active mounts without extra flange distance calibration. The two active mounts feature with reliability and cine-style locking mechanism.

  • Active PL Mount: With the reliable native design and precise lens locking, Active PL Mount can provide much security to your professional shooting. Focal length, aperture, and field depth information can be saved in the files, achieving a streamlined and efficient post-production workflow.
  • Active E Mount: MAVO mark2 with the Active E Mount can support most of modern and lightweight E lenses instantly. It allows users to tune the iris, focal length and focus of these electronic E lenses in-camera control or manually, also the lens optical stabilization can be activated if the lens has the option.

Like the Active PL Mount, the Active E Mount displays lens metadata on monitors and saves them into the clip, bringing intuitive interaction on set and flexibility in post.


MAVO mark2 LF Tech Spec