NiSi Athena Clear Rear PL Filter


CAD$ 59.00
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Experience the ultimate in lens protection without compromising on image quality with the NiSi ATHENA Clear Rear PL Filter, expertly crafted for ATHENA PL Mount Lenses. This high-quality clear filter serves as an essential tool for filmmakers who require an unaltered view while protecting their valuable lens elements from dust, scratches, and environmental hazards. While the ATHENA Clear Filter is included as standard with every purchase of a NiSi ATHENA PL lens, this additional replacement filter is readily available for purchase to ensure your lens always has the protection it needs.

Key Features include:

  • Optimal Lens Protection: The ATHENA Clear Filter offers superior protection for your lens against external elements, ensuring your lens remains in pristine condition without affecting the image quality.
  • Uncompromised Clarity: Designed to be ultra-clear, this filter does not alter the color, intensity, or spectrum of the light passing through, ensuring your images retain their true fidelity and sharpness under all shooting conditions.
  • Tailored Fit for ATHENA PL Lenses: Specifically engineered for a perfect fit with NiSi ATHENA PL Mount Lenses, this rear-mounted filter integrates seamlessly, maintaining flawless alignment and uncompromised image quality.
  • Convenient Suction Cap Tool Included: The filter package includes an innovative tool with a suction cap design, allowing for quick, easy, and clean filter changes. This ensures that your lens surface remains untouched and clean, free from fingerprints and smudges during swaps.
  • Durable and Reliable Construction: Built with premium optical materials, the ATHENA Clear Filter is designed to endure the demands of professional use, featuring low reflection and exceptional resistance to scratches.

Protect your investment and maintain the integrity of your visuals with the NiSi ATHENA Clear Rear PL Filter. This essential accessory not only shields your lens but also preserves the natural beauty and clarity of your cinematographic projects.

Elevate your filmmaking with the NiSi ATHENA Clear Filter—where pristine protection meets clear, creative expression in every shot. Experience the unaltered brilliance in your next production!