NiSi Athena Full Spectrum FS ND 0.9 (3 Stop) Rear PL Filter


CAD$ 89.00
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Unlock the full potential of your cinematography with the NiSi ATHENA Full Spectrum FS ND Rear PL Filter, precisely engineered for ATHENA PL Mount Lenses. This high-performance Full Spectrum neutral density (ND) filter is an essential tool for filmmakers aiming to manage light exposure and enhance the artistry of their footage, even in bright lighting conditions.

Key Features include 

  • Superior Light Management: Our FS ND filters reduces light entering your lens by precise stops, allowing for slower shutter speeds and larger apertures. This control makes it ideal for achieving a cinematic blur in moving subjects and greater depth of field control, even under challenging bright conditions.
  • Full Spectrum Capability: Designed to maintain fidelity across the color spectrum, this filter ensures no color shift disrupts the authenticity of your captured images, delivering true-to-life results that require minimal post-processing.
  • Custom-Fit for ATHENA PL Lenses: This rear-mounted filter is tailored specifically for seamless compatibility with NiSi ATHENA PL Mount Lenses, maintaining optimal alignment and image quality.
  • Included Suction Cap Tool: The filter comes with a tool featuring a suction cap design. This design allows for quick and easy filter changes directly on the lens without leaving fingerprints, ensuring your lens remains pristine.
  • Built to Last: Crafted from premium optical materials, the filter is designed to withstand the rigors of professional use, offering both Multi Ti Nano coating with low reflection and anti-scratch resistance.

Enhance your visual narrative with the NiSi ATHENA Full Spectrum FS ND Rear PL Filters. This tool expands your creative possibilities by controlling light exposure and preserves the quality and color of your scenes. It is perfect for filmmakers who demand precision and flexibility in their work.

Step up your film production with NiSi’s ATHENA FS ND filter, where clarity meets creativity in every frame. Discover the difference in your next project!