NiSi Athena Prime Full-Frame 18mm T2.2 (PL mount)


CAD$ 1,629.00
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Delivery: End of May

  • Full-frame and 46mm imaging circle
  • Maximum micro-contrast control and ultra-low chromatic aberration for unparalleled image quality
  • Large aperture of T2.2 and soft bokeh for beautiful background separation
  • Rear Mount filter mount for a more flexible workflow and creative control for filmmaking
  • Precisely engineered to minimize focus breathing, maintaining a consistent field of view during focus adjustments
  • Matched in weight and size to other NiSi Athena Lenses, eliminating the need for rebalancing on a gimbal when switching between lenses
  • 77mm filter thread and matched aperture and focus rings across the range for easy use of lens accessories
  • Focus ring with 300° rotation and fluorescent focal scales for accurate, easy-to-read focus pulls in any lighting condition.
  • Offers unparalleled image quality, flexibility, and creative control for filmmakers


Introducing the newest masterpiece in our ATHENA lens collection, the NiSi 18mm ATHENA PRIME Full Frame Cinema Lens T2.2 (PL Mount), designed to revolutionize your filmmaking with its innovative features and exceptional optical performance. This lens is expertly crafted to align flawlessly with the original Athena Prime series, offering the same unparalleled characteristics, consistent weight, and matching focus and iris ring positions for a smooth, unified operation.

Dive into the realm of cinematic excellence with unmatched image quality, achieved through superior micro-contrast control and minimal chromatic aberration. The outcome? Sharper, more vivid images that truly capture the essence of your creative vision. With its broader T2.2 aperture, this lens excels in separating the subject from the background, producing a soft, engaging bokeh that enhances the atmospheric quality of your shots, perfect for crafting scenes with a profound sense of space and depth.

Engineered to significantly reduce focus breathing, this lens guarantees a stable field of view as you adjust focus, making it an essential tool for filmmakers who value smooth focus transitions and a consistent visual narrative. The seamless integration with the rest of the Athena Prime series ensures effortless lens swaps without the need to rebalance your gimbal, thanks to the uniformity in weight and dimensions across the lineup.

The 18mm ATHENA PRIME stands out with its 77mm filter thread, 80mm clamp-on size, and standardized aperture and focus rings, enhancing the ease of using additional lens accessories. Its focus ring, marked by 300° of rotation with fluorescent focal scales, offers precise control for sharp, dynamic captures, even in challenging lighting situations. The introduction of a rear filter mount on the 18mm lens grants filmmakers unparalleled creative freedom and ease of use, allowing for the swift addition of ND and Mist filters directly to the lens’s rear, optimizing your workflow and safeguarding the lens during filter changes.

Perfect for an array of cinematic endeavors, from expansive feature films to intimate documentaries and vibrant music videos, the NiSi 18mm ATHENA PRIME Full Frame Cinema Lens T2.2 (PL Mount) is a dynamic, high-caliber instrument designed to unlock new dimensions of image quality, versatility, and artistic expression. Embrace the future of filmmaking with NiSi and bring your unparalleled vision to life.