NiSi Athena UV and IR Cut Rear PL Filter


CAD$ 89.00
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Maximize the visual clarity and color accuracy of your cinematography with the NiSi ATHENA UV and IR Cut Rear PL Filter, meticulously designed for ATHENA PL Mount Lenses. This high-performance filter is crucial for filmmakers looking to eliminate unwanted ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light that can affect film clarity and color fidelity, especially in bright and outdoor environments.

Key Features include:

  • Advanced UV and IR Filtration: This filter effectively blocks both UV and IR wavelengths, ensuring that only the visible light spectrum reaches your camera sensor. This precision helps prevent the common issues of haze and color shifts caused by ultraviolet light and the unwanted warmth from infrared, providing clear and accurate images.
  • Enhanced Image Quality: By cutting out UV and IR light, the filter ensures the purity of the colors captured, enhancing the authenticity and vibrancy of your scenes. This results in visuals that require minimal post-processing for color correction, saving time and preserving the original artistry of your footage.
  • Custom-Designed for ATHENA PL Lenses: Tailored specifically for compatibility with NiSi ATHENA PL Mount Lenses, this rear-mounted filter ensures a perfect fit and maintains optimal lens alignment and image quality, ensuring that the enhancements it provides are seamlessly integrated into your shooting process.
  • Convenient Suction Cap Tool Included: The filter includes an easy-to-use tool with a suction cap design, allowing for quick, effortless, and clean filter changes on the go. This design ensures that your lens remains spotless, free from fingerprints and smudges during swaps.
  • Durable Construction: Manufactured from premium optical materials and protected with Multi Ti Nano coating, this filter offers low reflection and superior scratch resistance. It is built to endure the demands of professional filmmaking, ensuring reliable performance under various shooting conditions.

With the NiSi ATHENA UV and IR Cut Rear PL Filter, enhance the technical and aesthetic quality of your footage. This filter ensures that each frame captures the truest colors of your cinematic vision.

Elevate your filmmaking with the NiSi ATHENA UV and IR Cut Filter—where every shot is as vivid and impactful as reality. Prepare to see the difference in your next project!