DZOFILM Linglung 10-24mm T2.9


CAD$ 2,209.00
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About DZOFILM Linglung

Cinematic proceeding and precise mechanism control forming "muscle memory" for professional operation and moving to a upper step of art in filming.

Minimal Breathing
Near zero breathing, allowing for decent expression through images. DZOFILM linglung provides users with a high standard and a better experience of lens.

Elaborate Optical Design

Create A Stronger Cinematic Feeling


Smooth and creamy bokeh with clear layer and natural transition.

12-Pieces blade design, generating elegant and round bokeh.

Neutral and natural style objectively reflect the true color of complexion.

Parfocal design, focus remain the same

Even zoom in or zoom out
No matter from close-up to wide shot or rapidly zoom out to long shot, Under parfocal design, focus keep unchanged all the way along and offer a stage for creative play.

    Key Features

    • Lens Mount: Made For Micro Four Thirds Mounts

    What's in the box:

    • DZOFILM Linglung 10-24mm T2.9 MFT Parfocal Cinema Style Zoom Lens
    • Front Lens Cap
    • Rear Lens Cap
    • DZOFILM 1 Year Limited Warranty