DZOFILM PAVO 55mm T2.1 2x Anamorphic Prime Lens (Neutral Coating, PL/EF)


CAD$ 7,369.00
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  • 2X Compression Factor for Authentic Anamorphic
The PAVO series comprises 28mm to 100mm focal lengths with a 2X compression ratio. This expansion of the cinematic scope allows for the inclusion of additional details, resulting in a more dramatic depth of field.
It achieves a genuine anamorphic look that immerses viewers in a visually spectacular world, while maintaining a harmonious and unified visual style across the entire series, making it the ideal choice for professional film production.

  • Unparalleled Compact Anamorphic
With its solid and lightweight design, the PAVO features a front diameter of only 95mm and weighs between 1.2 and 1.6 kg. This versatility allows for seamless integration with a range of filming accessories, such as gimbals, Steadicams, and drones.
Whether you're navigating handheld shots, shoulder-mounted rigs, vehicle-mounted setups, or aerial cinematography, PAVO offers the adaptability you need. Its precise construction and superior optical performance offer limitless creative possibilities for indie filmmakers and large-scale productions.

  • Modern Ergonomics, Cinematic Artistry
PAVO captures stunning imagery even in low-light shooting scenarios with a T2.1 aperture (28mm to 75mm) and T2.4 at 100mm. Its 14–16 blades of round iris create captivating oval-shaped bokeh and a mesmerizing 'waterfall' background blur, delivering a dreamlike aesthetic.

  • Revolutionary Close Focus
The PAVO series overcomes anamorphic limitations with a phenomenal minimum focus distance of 0.4m, perfect for capturing subtle facial expressions and using close-ups to create immersive and engaging visuals that resonate with viewers. This lens set is an ideal tool for filmmakers seeking to add depth and nuance to their storytelling.

  • Futuristic Design, Dual Flare
PAVO offers two different horizontal flare colors, Blue and Neutral, to cater to a wide range of movie genres and visual styles. The dark gray exterior design takes inspiration from the futuristic aesthetics of iconic sci-fi spaceships and blends the essence of modern design into its construction.
The Blue version is adorned with cobalt ink, while the Neutral version is elegantly embellished with vermilion ink.

  • Superb Visuals for Immersive Brilliance
PAVO provides exceptional resolution with precise control, ensuring negligible breathing effects even at longer focal lengths. The innovative design minimizes chromatic aberration, resulting in sharp, crisp images with accurate color rendering. PAVO provides a smooth transition between in-focus and out-of-focus images with a characteristic anamorphic look.

  • Versatile Design, Flex Adaptation

PAVO lenses feature a built-in back-focus adjustment, enabling precise adjustments while the lens is mounted, streamlining operational processes. Additionally, these lenses can adapt to full-frame cinema cameras using the Marlin 1.6X Expander, broadening compatibility across various shooting scenarios and meeting the demands of professional film production.


DZOFILM PAVO Blue & Neutral spec.