Kinefinity GripBAT 4S 52Wh (Pack)

SKU: A941-204-01

CAD$ 389.00
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Power your MAVO, TERRA, or Sony BP-U camera with the GripBAT 4S 2-Pack + PD Hybrid Dual Charger Kit from Kinefinity. This kit includes two GripBAT 4S BP-U batteries and the PD Hybrid dual charger. Each battery pack features a capacity of 45Wh, 14.8V power output, a continuous 5A current, a 4-LED status gauge, and circuit protection.

The charger allows you to simultaneously charge two BP-U or L-series batteries using a fast PD charge. The charger is powered using a separately available USB Type-C charge cable or adapter that supports 60W and above PD charging, and the Kinefinity 65W PD Power Adapter is recommended.