Kinefinity Movcam KineKIT-Edge

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Add a variety of mounting options to your MAVO Edge with this KineKIT Edge Camera Cage from Kinefinity. The cage is made up of a D-shaped top handle, a top plate, a mini viewfinder bracket for the KineEVF, a top NATO rail, a side plate with rosette, a 15mm baseplate with dual L-series power option, and a bottom adapter plate.

The baseplate can provide a battery backup for your camera using two optional L-series batteries such as the GripBAT 2S. The camera mounts onto a contact plate to draw battery power, allowing you to swap the main camera batteries with uninterrupted power. The bottom plate can be extended with a separately available 19mm rod baseplate using an optional dovetail plate.

Key Features

Full-Featured Cage

The KineKIT-Edge is designed for every scenario, such as tripod, gimbal, or Steadicam

Closed Top Handgrip

Go from handheld to gimbal with this ergonomic design by sliding the handle on or off and secure into place with a locking lever

Top Plate

1/4"-20 threads on its side allow users to mount the Mini EVF bracket directly to the top plate

Top NATO Rail

Install wireless follow focus motor directly through 15mm aluminum rods

Side Support

One ARRI rosette and 1/4"-20 threads designed for mounting a side handgrip

Power Baseplate

Two L-series batteries can provide AN uninterrupted power supply for the camera by inserting into the baseplate (for best performance, the GripBAT 2S capacity is 2000mAh)

Mini Viewfinder Bracket

KineEVF can be directly attached to the camera body for lightweight operation

Bottom Adapter Plate

The bottom plate matches Movcam's Sliding Dovetail Plate to adjust the center of weight while on a tripod, and the kit can go from a 15mm system to a 19mm system by adding the 15mm to 19mm baseplate to the bottom