Kinefinity PD KineBAT 200 Pack

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Product Description

KineBAT PD 99/200 V-mount battery is the third-generation V-mount battery newly launched by Kinefinity. Compared with the old KineBAT, while continuing the elegant design of the previous generation, it has larger capacity and longer battery life. It can provide stable and reliable power output for cameras and other photographic accessories, and can also be used as a mobile power supply. The configuration of dual B-type ports and dual USB-C that take into account both tradition and technology makes it an all-round player with both function and efficiency. Two different capacity options, KineBAT 99 and KineBAT 200, can be adapted to various usage scenarios and needs.

Double B and double C, excellent all-rounder

The KineBAT 99/200 is equipped with two traditional B-type ports and two future-oriented PD Type-C ports .

Double dual interfaces, taking into account both tradition and technology, to meet the needs of various scenarios. It can not only supply power to various photography equipment such as cameras and monitors at the film and television shooting site, but also can be used as a large-capacity power bank to quickly charge laptops with Type-C such as Macbook Pro or smart phones such as the new iPhone.

Compared with the previous generation KineBAT, KineBAT 99/200 adds two B-type ports widely used in the film and television industry . The power output of up to 10A allows the battery to be easily used in various film and television shooting scenes; it supports powering various devices such as wireless follow focus and image transmission, making the crew work more flexible and efficient.

Continuing the PD intelligent fast charging of the previous generation battery, the performance of the two USB-C interfaces ushered in a leap forward, and the power increased by up to 50%. The two USB-C ports of the KineBAT 99/200 support a maximum power output of 60W and 45W respectively; it only takes 1 hour to fully charge a Macbook Pro (13”) and use it as a large-capacity power bank to quickly charge a computer or mobile phone.

Capacity upgrade, long-term security

KineBAT 99/200 adopts ultra-large capacity cells and advanced internal design , and the capacity is directly increased by 30% compared with the previous generation products . A single battery can last up to 5 hours for the MAVO Edge camera, and two batteries can guarantee the power consumption of the crew throughout the day.

The smart battery design of KineBAT 99/200 enables accurate display of the current battery percentage/voltage/current , as well as battery capacity/charging cycle. Quickly check power usage and battery status. Real-time monitoring to master battery health information.

*KineBAT 200 can last 5 hours for MAVO Edge. Earlier models can also have longer battery life.

**In-camera sync function is only available on MAVO Edge models.

Elegant design, practical use

The appearance of the KineBAT 99/200 continues the design of the previous generation of batteries. The square shape is thick and not clumsy. The side wavy arc appearance conforms to the ergonomic design , which is easy to grasp and avoid all possible accidents. The size of 86mm×106mm is the same width and height as the fuselage, which perfectly fits the camera and keeps the shooting system visually coordinated.

The KineBAT 99 weighs only 580g and is lightweight and shooting friendly . Supports Gimbal, handheld and mobile shooting.

Using the 65W PD USB-C power adapter, the KineBAT 99 can fast charge to 80% in 2 hours , and the charging speed is increased by 30% .

In addition to charging via PD USB-C, KineBAT V-mount battery can also be charged via V-mount charger and B-mount charger . A variety of power supply methods can better meet the needs of replenishing energy anytime, anywhere.

*The charging speed of the cradle charger and the B-type port depends on the performance of the charger.

Heat and cold resistance, safe and worry-free

KineBAT 99/200 batteries use ABS+PC heat-resistant and flame-retardant materials as the shell. It is resistant to heat and cold, and is not afraid of multiple shooting environments.

The battery has a built-in intelligent and complete protection circuit, which provides multiple protections such as overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and short circuit . It is reliable and safe, and you can use electricity with confidence.

What's in the box:

  • KineBAT 200 V-mount battery x2
  • 65W PD Power Adapter x2
  • 1.5m USB-C Cable  x2


Please use it strictly in accordance with the instructions;

Do not strongly impact, disassemble or install the battery, or put the battery in water or fire;

When the battery needs to be stored for a long time, please charge the battery to a half-saturated (1/3 time of normal charging) state, place it in a dry and ventilated place, and check it every three months.

The battery should avoid contact with corrosive substances and keep away from heat sources;

Storage temperature: -5°C~+35°C; Storage relative humidity: ≤75%RH;

This product is warranted for 1 year from the date of original purchase.